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Issue 2011-12

Issue 2011-4

Issue 2019-1 Laumans

Diverse and trendy

Visitors to Bau were able to discover all six roofing tile models in the range of almost the entire spectrum of colours available. Attention focussed on the trend glazes #40 black satin-finish and...

Issue 2009-07 „CO2-Emissionen gemeinsam schultern“

Europaabgeordneter Karl-Heinz Florenz besucht Gebr. Laumans GmbH & Co. KG

Anfang März besichtigte Karl-Heinz Florenz, Europa-abgeordneter (CDU), das alteingesessene mittelständische Unternehmen Gebr. Laumans GmbH & Co. KG im niederrheinischen Brüggen-Bracht....

Issue 2021-06

Heritage-sympathetic conversion

The model example of the conversion of Gut Maarhausen, a country estate, shows how heritage-sympathetic refurbishment can succeed from design to realization. “Here, despite the conflicting priorities...