Modern design language for supermarket in Hude

Supermarkets often give the impression of having an interchangeable and temporary existence. Only very rarely can you talk about architecture in the context of supermarkets and shopping malls.

But things are very different with this supermarket in Hude, situated between Bremen and Oldenburg in Germany. The structure and façade of the building signal ideals for commercial construction. The overhanging entrance firmly invites customers to come in. Modern shopping corresponding with sustainability in architecture. In a region rich in clinker brick façades, the architects from Büro 9°architecture; Oldenburg/Amersfoort (NL) have succeeded with their use of modern design language in enhancing the spatial experience of shopping.

For the double-leaf masonry, rustic-style clinker bricks with different joint colours, cement grey and anthracite grey, were chosen for the façade.


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