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Issue 2018-3 New name, new logo, new website

Swiss brick association with new name – “Swissbrick” is now “Ziegelindustrie Schweiz”

Ziegelindustrie Schweiz (Brick and Tile Industry Switzerland) is the association of the Swiss clay brick and tile plants on a mission to support and promote Swiss building culture with bricks and...


Editorial Calendar 2020

Here you will find the main topics of the Zi Ziegelindustrie International | Brick and Tile Industry International issues in 2020. If your are intested in publishing in Zi Brick and Tile Industry,...


Current research – Report from the Brick and Tile Research Institute

1 Introduction Dr.-Ing. Karsten Junge, Director of The Brick and Tile Research Institute Essen Regd, a man who impressed his indelible stamp on the brick and tile research community, died...

Issue 2009-07 01. bis 03. Dezember 2009

48. Würzburger Ziegellehrgang in der LGA Würzburg

Inzwischen ist es nun schon wieder eine Tradition, denn zum 3. Mal findet der Würzburger Ziegellehrgang in den Räumen der LGA Würzburg statt. Der Lehrgang beginnt am Dienstag mit allgemeinen...

Issue 2017-4

German brick and tile industry still seeing stable sales

For a number of years now, the sector‘s total production output has remained fairly constant. Nor has there been any considerable change in the overall number of producers and employees in the German...