From standard to high performance grinding machine

Grinding machines for all requirements Grinding machines for all requirements

Grinding of fired common bricks has well-established in Europe.

The firms Keller HCW and novoceric Transportanlagen both have already delivered more than 60 surface grinding machines. With this experience you will always get the right product for the actual and future products coming from your brick plant.


Keller HCW: the standard grinding machine

This grinding machine, the cost-saving solution for many standard products, is the right solution for grinding widths from 200 to 250 mm and for one or two layer grinding of bricks and is featured by high technical availability and service friendliness.

The modular construction system enables the simple type designed with one level for a narrow product range at low output as well as the high-end type with two grinding stations and grinding speed up to 15 m/min.


novoceric: the high capacity grinding machine

The all-rounder offers the fully automatic, continuous grinding width adjustment as well as the optimized centring “short” products. Moreover this grinding machine allows easy adjusting of the offset from level 1 to level 2 and has a very low connected load.

The decrease of the construction length and height enables the use under very limited spatial conditions and the replacement of machines and existing handling equipment. Moreover high grinding performance and holding times of the tools are guaranteed by a patented procedure for aeration of the grinding rings.


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