Capaccioli signs new order with English Manufacturer Forterra

Capaccioli has signed a new order for a delivery of a complete plant that will mainly be used to make extruded brick slips.

Forterra is investing £12 million in developing a brick slip manufacturing facility at their Accrington production site that will run alongside the existing brick manufacturing work.

The investment will facilitate the automated manufacture of up to 48 million brick slips per annum, helping the UK’s leading manufacturer of building supplies & materials, to meet increasing demand.

According to the 2022 full year results presentation of Forterra PLC, one of the most important pillars of their strategy for the future is innovation and development of new products which includes the project of the new manufacturing plant at Accrington. Brick slips products reduce the waste typically associated with cutting standard bricks manufacture, creating a versatile, attractive and more sustainable solution. Moreover, the new plant will deliver energy saving, since it will be fed mainly by waste heat.


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