Dipl.-Ing Hans Brüning celebrates his 100th birthday

The long-time director of the Keramlabor Hamburg, Dipl.-Ing. Hans Brüning, celebrated his 100th birthday in Reinbek on 9 February 2023.

Hans Brüning took over the management of the ceramics laboratory in 1964 after the early death of the first director of the institute, Dr. Mack.

In the 24 years of his work, he shaped the development of the ceramics laboratory. After the move from Hamburg, the current location in Reinbek was established and steadily developed.

In 1988, Hans Brüning went into retirement, which he spends in Reinbek. In 2019, he visited his old place of work once again and was shown the current technology and equipment of the laboratory with great interest.

On his 100th birthday, he was congratulated by the following heads of the ceramics laboratory, Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Janssen, Mr Holger Kreth and the long-standing Chairman of the Executive Committee, Mr Hans-Heinrich Meier.


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