Sabo S.A.

Modernization & Upgrade of the Wienerberger Tile Plant in Serbia

In June 2022, SABO S.A. was commissioned another Wienerberger project involving the modernization of the roof tile plant in Kanjiža, North Serbia. The scope of the investment at this important plant of the global manufacturing group was to shift from the typical pressed roofing tile to the production of a large-size premium one, along with the necessary accessory tiles.

The factory was using the older technology of firing tiles inside U cassettes which is significantly limiting the production of larger products of high quality. The upgrade required the shift to the newer technology of firing the products inside H setters.

SABO and Wienerberger technical teams worked together diligently to study and identify the specific areas where changes and new machines were necessary, as well as the areas that could remain as they are. This investment rationalization significantly affected the overall project and helped in focusing on the key critical areas.

The project posed many interesting challenges not only during its study, but also during its implementation, as the technical teams had to work in many different areas of the factory, in specific order, coordinating and sequencing tasks with technical teams of third-party suppliers working in parallel under a tight schedule. Both Sabo and Wienerberger teams gained valuable insights, experience, and knowledge out of these challenging technical tasks.

SABO S.A. CEO, Ms. Eugenia Kiliari states: „Together with Wienerberger, we invest in innovation projects and state-of-the-art equipment for the heavy clay industry. A big thanks to all the team members and people involved in the project“.


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