Mourning for Dr Volker Tribius

On 11 January 2023, Dr Volker Tribius passed away in Weimar at the age of 83.

Born on 12 July 1939 in Magdeburg, he spent his childhood and youth in the Harz Mountains. After graduating from high school in Wernigerode, he completed an apprenticeship as a bricklayer and then studied at the College of Architecture and Civil Engineering - now the Bauhaus University - in Weimar. In 1965, he graduated with a degree in architecture.

As a research assistant at the Chair of Structural Engineering at the Weimar University, he completed his doctorate on the topic of “Roof and Wall Constructions for Bar Structures”.

In 1969, Volker Tribius began his many years of work for the brick industry. During the construction of the “Institut für Bau- und Grobkeramik Weimar” (Institute for Building and Coarse Ceramics Weimar), he was able to complete his practical experience as a site manager, and in the subsequent work at the institute, he was able to play a decisive role in the development and application of masonry and roof tiles. In addition, he planned and designed the exhibition stand of the GDR brick industry at the Leipzig Spring Fair as the architect in charge.

After the fall of the Wall, Volker Tribius was one of the first to make contact at working level with the building consultants of the Federal Association and the trade associations. In the Fachverband Ziegelindustrie Nordost, founded in 1990, he introduced a professional and practical brick construction advisory service thanks to his extensive experience. 

In the existing circle of building consultants in the old federal states, he became a driving force for the development and updating of the “Technical Information Series on Brick Building Consultancy of the Federal Association of the German Brick and Tile Industry”. Many brickmakers have received support for the acquisition and content of their company brochures from this. Volker Tribius has had a significant influence on the work on the “Ziegelordner” due to his comprehensive expert knowledge. At trade events and annual conferences of the brick associations, he imparted technical knowledge through his convincing style of lecturing.

Even after his retirement - which was not possible due to his many hobbies and creative pursuits - he was gladly engaged by companies of the brick industry for technical lectures, consultations and expert opinions.

The “brick community” mourns the loss of a committed building consultant.


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