Welcome to Munich - welcome to ceramitec 2024!

It will soon be time again: ceramitec opens its doors and promises to be THE meeting place for all those interested in technologies, innovations and materials relating to ceramics and their applications.

We are expecting more than 470 exhibitors from 37 countries, including 175 from the heavy clay ceramics and raw materials and additives sectors alone. Of these, more than 60 exhibitors are either attending the trade fair for the first time or will be returning after 2018. We are naturally very pleased about such a strong commitment to ceramitec.

With an international share of 65 per cent of the participating companies, we are undoubtedly more than living up to our claim of being the leading international trade fair. This diversity of exhibitors not only attracts trade visitors from all over the world to Munich. It also promises a wide range of innovations and solutions for the current challenges facing the industry, such as high energy prices, inflation and a shortage of skilled labour. It is equally important for companies to establish more sustainable production processes and adapt to the requirements of digitalisation.

ceramitec offers the best conditions for precisely these issues: It is not just a trade fair, but also a benchmark and important source of inspiration for the further development of the ceramics industry. Our “ceramitec talks” conference programme with a total of 30 forward-looking presentation slots in two forums will serve as a platform for knowledge transfer and networking. The dominant theme will be the efficient use of resources. Brand new materials, technologies and processes will take to the stage.

And last but not least, the renewed parallelism with analytica, the world’s leading trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology, is another highlight for our participants, especially those from the heavy clay and raw materials sector. This co-location has already proven its worth in 2018 and 2022 and offers synergies for exhibitors and visitors to both trade fairs.

As you can see, there is no better opportunity to obtain comprehensive information, network and position yourself for the future in a short space of time. This is particularly valuable in times like these, when markets and framework conditions are changing very quickly. Our customers and partners are therefore looking forward to the upcoming trade fair with great anticipation. And I personally am also very much looking forward to four eventful days at the trade fair, forward-looking dialogue and many interesting encounters.

See you soon here with us in Munich.



Maritta Lepp

Exhibition Director ceramitec


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