Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course to take place this year

The restrictions that have accompanied the Corona pandemic have also affected the regular event and course formats of the German brick industry. It is therefore good news that, according to the organisers, the Würzburg Brick Course will “without fail” take place this year.

The head of the Würzburg Brick Course, Joachim Deppisch, explains on the website:

“The LGA Würzburg, the Federal Association of the German Brick and Tile Industry and the Bavarian Brick and Tile Industry Association have jointly decided to cancel the Würzburg Brick and Tile Course in the past two years due to the existing frame conditions regarding the Corona pandemic. All the organisations involved have greatly regretted this and have resolved to hold the course again in 2022 without fail.

In order to make this year’s Würzburg brick course as safe as possible during the transitional period with the Corona virus, there are various changes/new features this year - in deviation from the usual schedule. The programme has been streamlined and condensed to two days (29.11. and 30.11.2022). The course will start in the morning of Tuesday 29.11.2022. The excursion has been cancelled. The venue has also been changed (for location see Parking / Venue).

This year’s Würzburg Brickmaking Course will take place at:

Vogel Event Solutions GmbH

Shedhalle, East Foyer

Max-Planck-Strasse 7/9

97082 Würzburg

Although the event hall is a little further away from the LGA in Würzburg, it offers spacious facilities so that, in case of official requirements regarding minimum distances, there should still be room for a large number of participants under possible Corona conditions which cannot be foreseen at present. We also reserve the right to hold the Würzburg Brick Course as a hybrid event or as a purely online course in case that the event cannot be held purely as an attendance event. It is important for us that the course takes place in 2022. Of course, all the organisations involved hope that the Würzburg Brickmaking Course can be held again in its usual and proven form from 2023 onwards.”


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