Particle Size and Shape Analyzer Camsizer P4 – the new generation

The new Camsizer P4 is the systematic enhancement and optimization of the well-proven Camsizer system for the determination of particle size and particle shape with Dynamic Image Analysis. Based on the unique dual camera technology the new generation offers improved performance and extended functionalities.
Compared to the previous model, the Camsizer P4 boasts faster cameras with higher resolution, a stronger light source and new software features, resulting in even faster measurements and an extended measuring range. The improved resolution allows for more precise particle characterization, particularly of small particles.
Both hard- and software have been revised. The software offers additional evaluation possibilities, such as separate storage of all particle images in a data base or 3-dimensional display of measurement results as scatter plots (3D cloud). New shape parameters for roundness and sphericity allow for optimized shape characterization.
Well-proven functions like the certified calibration standard, the automated air flow in the measurement zone, and the motorized funnel height adjustment have been preserved in the Camsizer P4. The obtained measurement results are accurate and reliable, even if operated 24/7, and can exactly reproduce existing sieving results.
Better performance, more functions
> Higher resolution of cameras and objectives permits more precise measurements of particle size and particle shape (20 µm – 30 mm)
> Faster hard- and software record more particles per second and provide more detailed information
> 3D cloud: Easy evaluation of particle morphology thanks to 3D display of measurement parameters
> Particle library: Direct storage of images of individual particles; convenient administration of new particle library

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