Creaton: An exceptional year 2014 comes to a conciliatory end

The sensational start in 2014 gave Creaton AG an exceptional increase in sales in the first six months. But the boom was followed by a sobering up: the cool down in demand over the second six months was stronger than expected in the refurbishment sector, which is of key importance for Creaton. With € 209.8 mill. (forecast), Creaton reached around the turnover of the previous year (–0.5%). Foreign sales developed very encouragingly with +16.3% (compared to 2013), sales on the domestic market fell by 6.4%.

The “Maxima” large-size roofing tile, which had been reworked following the fire at the Malsch site in January 2013, increased by more than 4 mill. units. But the new ­“Titania” from the clay roofing tile plant in Poland was also successfully positioned on the German market. The sale figures were promoted by the development of the “Creaton | DachProfi” premium trading line for roofing professionals. Within two years, the number of distributors in this scheme rose as planned to 125. With this concept designed for intensive cooperation in sales, the joint sales with the “Creaton | DachProfis” could be increased by 7%. In 2015 there will be continuations and further development stages of this concept.

Creaton AG headquartered in Wertingen produces clay products at nine sites with a total of 14 plants. The company employs around 1000 people and the majority share is owned by the internationally operating Etex Group in Brussels, Belgium.

Creaton AG


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