Willi Brühl was an institution at Petersen Service. He was loyal to the company and previously to H. Breitenbach GmbH over a period of 52 years. In 1964, he started in his job as a master engineer at H. Breitenbach GmbH, managed production and stewarded many developments and installations.

Petersen Service did not want to do without his services either. From 1988, Willi Brühl managed the replacement parts department and production there. After his retirement, he continued to serve the company in a part-time capacity in the replacement parts department.

Memorable is his personal relationship with the customers and their machines. Knowing the customer and his machine, he was able to provide the year of manufacture and information on any rebuilds performed. With his many years of expertise, he was also on hand to assist design and sales. At the end of 2016, he requested that his work at the company be terminated.

On 26 February, Willi Brühl died suddenly. Petersen Service commemorates him with great thanks for his work, his reliability, his loyal service and the time spent with him. He will always remain a model for everyone.