The Clemson Brick Forum will meet for the 67th time this fall in Anderson, South Carolina near the Clemson University Campus located at the Anderson Civic Center.  The meeting will begin on the evening of Monday October 4th and finish on Wednesday October 6th. An in-person meeting is being planned with a mix of technical presentations and supplier displays and presentations. There is a great deal of excitement about having an in-person meeting again after we were forced to have a virtual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Historically, the Clemson Brick Forum is a meeting for brickmakers with presentations by brickmakers. This open exchange of information is one of the things that makes this meeting different from other similar meetings. This year, we have a number of presentations on plant improvements that have taken place since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. In addition to this, we have always invited presentations about the latest innovations and product developments from around the world. Brickmakers in the United States are especially eager to learn about new products and processes to help them improve quality, reduce manufacturing costs and develop innovative products. As an example of this, we will partner with ECTS (European Ceramic Technology Suppliers) to help facilitate the sharing of information this year.

In an effort to keep this long running meeting modern, we will be updating the meeting layout and schedule to facilitate interactions between attendees.

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John Sanders

Director – The National Brick Research Center