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“Clemson Brick Forum“ 2008 focuses on saving money

In 2008, following an interlude in Greensboro, the Clemson Brick Forum returned to the Clemson area. The “Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center“ in Anderson was chosen as the event’s new venue. Appropriate to this year’s core theme, “saving money”, various energy conservation options counted among the main topics. The fact that the U.S. brick and tile industry has been hard hit by the financial meltdown was reflected by a decline in the number of visitors: roughly 500 compared with last year’s 700 participants.

1 Introduction
Like in 2007, the forum lasted from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon, and, like numerous other international meetings too, the trend is toward markedly compressed events – both in order to cut costs and to oblige all the brickmakers who are finding it increasingly difficult nowadays to stay away from their plants for several days running.
The assembly hall at “Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center” was just large enough for the 500 or so attendees and therefore always looked full – with the advantage that no one ever had to speak to empty rows of seats. Sunday started off...

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