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Röben invests in a new German clinker plant – and consequently in the future

On 16 February 2009, Röben Managing Director Wilhelm-Renke Röben and Kurt Beck, Minister President of the German state of the Rhineland-Palatinate, officially inaugurated the new Röben clinker plant in Bann-berscheid near Montabaur (Westerwald). Röben has invested € 27 mill. in the facility, in which clinkers for the German and European market have been produced since 1970. The completely new installation was built in just a nine-month construction schedule in the existing around 21 500-m²-large facility. We spoke to the two Röben Managing Directors Wilhelm-Renke Röben and Ralf Borrmann (Engineering) about the strategic decision to build this new plant in Germany.

Zi: Mr Röben, the all-dominant topic at the present time is the global financial and economic crisis, which, no doubt, has not left your company completely untouched. Yet Röben has chosen this time to start up a new plant in Germany. How do you see the future prospects for this new facility?

W.-R. Röben: The economic crisis will pass. In Germany in particular, we see the future as very positive in the long term as we have no property bubble here, but have built far too few houses in recent years.

Renowned building research institutes are talking about an annual undersupply of 150 000...

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