Together with Keller on the road to success

In April 2010 Keller HCW sent a letter to its customers, suppliers and employees, informing them about the new, forward-pointing structure of the Group Legris Industries. Alongside the two existing divisions Clextral (235 employees, the world leader in twin-screw extrusion for the food and paper pulp industry) and Savoye (540 employees, operating worldwide in the distribution logistics sector), the re-established Keller division (550 employees, operating worldwide in the sector of machine and plant engineering for the heavy clay industry) will complete the group’s portfolio.


New Keller division

In the new Keller division, which will be managed by Laurenz Averbeck and Karsten Biermann, the Group Legris Industries is consolidating its activities and individual competences in the heavy clay sector. The well-known companies of Keller HCW, Novoceric, Morando and Rieter form part of this division.

The Keller division operates as a heavy clay machine and plant manufacturer worldwide. Complex turnkey solutions for the clay brick and tile industry can be offered from in-house production. This avoids unnecessary interface discussions. Through cooperation between the companies Morando and Rieter, extensive know-how is used and the range within the individual product segments is expanded. A tightening up of the organization creates a cost structure and production capacity adjusted to the market.

As one of many measures, the production facilities at the known locations in Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck (Germany), Mellrichstadt (Germany) and Asti (Italy) have been concentrated and extended to enable Keller to supply their products and perform effectively in their customers’ best interest. At these locations, the Keller division has the most modern production technologies as well as a purchasing environment which allows for economic action also in the long term.

As an important basis for success during the coming months and years, the new division is focusing on the expansion of its service activities. This includes, in addition to the long-established spare parts service and the proven possibilities in plant modernization and optimization, also the expansion of the range of training courses in all special fields, the active utilization of on-site service as well as preventive maintenance. With a view to the resulting requirements, the site in Constance has been completely reorganized and here the Keller division will concentrate competently on service. Rieter machinery, as well as the other preparation and shaping technology, will then be produced at the Asti site and can – at the customer’s request – in the future also be equipped with the well-known Keller HCW automation systems.

Customer proximity, transparency and quality – these are Keller’s characteristics. “Therefore”, Laurenz Averbeck says, “it goes without saying that for us the spare parts supplies and other services are guaranteed by the people in Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck, Mellrichstadt, Constance and Asti who are often known to and have been familiar with our customers for many years. Consequently, they are not dependent on sub-suppliers but can draw as they do now on original parts in original quality at low-cost conditions.“

Karsten Biermann explains the background for the reorientation in the heavy clay sector within the Group Legris Industries: “In the second half of 2009 the French section of the Keyria Group suffered a considerable financial downturn, which eventually led to the insolvency of the affected companies. During Ceramitec 2009 in Munich we roughly presented how a future grouping of the heavy clay activities within the Group Legris Industries could be organized. We received a very positive feedback from the market so that today we are proud to go together on the road to success as the Keller division. Of course, in the past months it was difficult for us, as a successful company, to continue business as usual – quality at prices in line with the market while maintaining schedules – without being able to communicate sufficiently about the upcoming changes. Particularly in the ongoing current difficult economic environment there are of course many challenges we shall still have to meet. However, we consider ourselves to be on a good path, with a group behind us who supports us, the new Keller division, to the full extent.“

Keller has a team consisting of experienced and young employees who aim to develop and realize the best solutions for the customer’s applications. New preparation and shaping concepts, robot handling and automation technology on the highest level as well as the latest dryer and kiln developments for reducing energy consumption are the current topics. In the name of all employees of the re-established division, Laurenz Averbeck and Karsten Biermann ask for the customer’s trust: “Join us on the road to success! You can count on us and build with us!”


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