Sacmi installs on-roller fast drying plant at Etex-Creaton facility in Poland

The Etex-Creaton Group, one of the leading clay roofing tile manufacturers in Europe, is setting up a new facility in Poland for the production of 30 mill. roofing tiles per year, including trims and accessories. This new facility’s entire drying department has been designed and equipped by Sacmi.

Strongpoint is the on-roller fast drying technology, which is now making its debut appearance in Europe following several successful installations on other continents. Fully automated, this Sacmi-supplied plant features two 6-channel roller dryers, each of which measuring 79 m in length. During drying – completed in the record time of 220 min – the roofing tiles are supported on special metallic frames, each of which holds nine roofing tiles.

Also supplied by Sacmi is the trim/accessory piece drying plant, which uses the more traditional chamber dryer method. Nevertheless robots are an integral part of this second section of the plant too, thus ensuring a high degree of automation and minimizing the need for manual handling of the products.


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