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Under this heading, our new annual “Bricks I Ziegel” will be published in November. We have turned the old Zi ­Annual on its head, and with the new edition we not only want to reach the clay brick and roofing tile manufacturers, but architects too.

Arranged in three sections, all facets of clay bricks and roofing tiles as building materials are covered:

› Architecture
› Papers concerning clay bricks and tiles and their application
› Clay brick and roofing tile manufacture
We have to work together to do more for the acceptance of clay bricks and roofing tiles and to promote them! This also means bringing architecturally appealing modern brick buildings to the attention of architects. A first step was the Zi-DBZ Architecture Forum, which we organized last year in Frankfurt together with the DBZ Deutsche Bauzeitschrift and partners from the clay brick and tile industry. In talks with the architects, it became clear that there is a huge need for information. For us, this was an incentive to redefine the content of the annual.

In the new annual “Bricks I Ziegel 2013”, Zi and DBZ together are presenting successful examples of architecture with clay bricks and roofing tiles. This includes projects submitted for the “Fritz Höger Prize für Backstein-Architektur”, the “German Brick Award 2011” and the “austrian brick and roof award 2011-2012”. In this context, we received support from the initiative “Building with Brick”, the Ziegel Zentrum Süd and the Association of Austrian Brickworks, for which we wish to express our sincere thanks.

We all share the same goal: to encourage architects either to start building with bricks or to use them even more. The new “Bricks I Ziegel” annual is a good opportunity to do this! Take this as a call for you to send us one of your outstanding projects as an article for our 2014 edition.


Anett Fischer
Editor of Zi Brick and Tile Industry International

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