70th birthday of Heinz Gillrath

Heinz Gillrath celebrated his 70th birthday back in March 2020. Unfortunately, the planned big birthday celebration had to be cancelled on account of the Corona pandemic. The 70-year-old continues to support his two sons in the management of Gillrath Ziegel- und Klinkerwerke, a brick plant in Erkelenz, in the Rhineland. He has recently been advising them on investment decisions, such as the acquisition of a waterstruck press, the installation of a steaming kiln as well as the commissioning of several sawing machines for the production of brick slips.

His son Marcus says about his father: “He comes to work still joyfully every day and is regarded by us and all the employees as a sincere and dedicated entrepreneur who is always on to hand to help us, especially in difficult situations, with his advice and well-measured calmness.” Next year, Heinz Gillrath celebrates his 50-year anniversary in the brickworks.


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