A new important project in Russia for Bedeschi S.p.A.: Revdinskiy kirpicny zavod

Bedeschi S.p.A., the Italian supplier of equipment to the clay brick industry founded back in 1908, is set to further strengthen its presence on the Russian market.

Following the recent successful start-up of a complete line for 60 mill. bricks for Gjelsky kirpicny zavod, with the signing of a contract with TUS, Cheboskar (plant assembly in progress) for another complete line for 60 mill. bricks/year, Bedeschi has concluded another important contract with Revdinskiy kirpicny zavod, a well-known manufacturer of clay bricks in the Urals. Bedeschi will supply a complete line with a capacity of 60 mill. bricks/year consisting of machines for raw materials preparation, silos, extruder, dryer, kiln and automatic handling ­system.

The well-known bricks producer has chosen Bedeschi as a reliable and experienced supplier, well positioned in Russian market with a string of references and with a technical service always ready to respond to its clients’ needs.


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