Another Sabo project for Wienerberger: Solymar, Hungary

At the end of 2012, ­
 Wienerberger assigned Sabo SA to modernize the production line for handling wet products at its works in Solymar, Hungary. This project follows a series of modernization and new installation projects that Sabo has undertaken for the multinational clay brick and tile manufacturer and it marks the continued collaboration between the two companies.    The Solymar project was delivered in March of 2013. The project involved the design, construction and installation of automatic machinery for a line starting from the handling of empty pallets, the loading of wet products by a robot, and their handling up to the dryer car loading station. The production capacity is 130 to 140 mill. standard size products, equivalent to 550 t/day of masonry blocks (PTH 44, PTH 38, PTH 10/50 etc.).

Conveyors are used to transport empty pallets to the loading position, where a robot equipped with special gripper sets the wet products onto the dryer pallets. Loading is performed with precise moves synchronous with the continuous cutting function and known as line tracking. After having loaded the wet products, the pallets are conveyed by a series of conveyors to the loading system for the dryer cars.


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