BHS-Sonthofen GmbH

The BHS vertical shaft impact crushers and mills are operating to the great satisfaction of many aggregate producers worldwide in order to improve the shape of the final product, to produce crushed sand or for selective crushing applications.

An innovation at bauma will be a semi mobile plant with a BHS Rotor Centrifugal Crusher. The plant is equipped with feeding hopper, conveying belts for in- and output and a control system. It can hydraulically be lifted up and down in order to place it on any standard low-bed trailer. The plant is an attractive solution for operators with changing locations. Also in export markets there is a growing demand for such a compact unit, which can easily be integrated into any existing facility.

BHS-Sonthofen GmbH will exhibit its product range in the field of mixing and crushing technology. Several innovations in both fields will be presented to the market for the first time. The twin-shaft batch mixer is the main product in the field of mixing technology. Several thousand BHS machines are in operation worldwide.

For mixing applications, which need higher shear forces, a special twin-shaft batch mixer has been developed. Each shaft is equipped with double mixing tools and the drive system allows a much higher mixing speed. This mixer is mainly suitable for the production of modern concrete recipes in the field of pre-cast concrete production (e.g. UHPC) or for special applications like landfill sealings. As mixing accessory the new impulse controlled lubrication system will be presented. It allows an automatic greasing of all mixer sealings at the end of each production shift. The lubrication can be released by a control panel giving an adjustable grease quantity. Another main focus on the booth of BHS will be the presentation of practical applications examples.