Bamberg as a roofing tile city

The Federal Association of the German Brick and Tile ­Industry Regd is extending invitations to this year’s annual meeting in the over 1 000-year-old World Heritage City of Bamberg.

There is a lot to see in this Episcopal see: one highlight is the almost intact old town with its romantic lanes and gardens, historic buildings and a wealth of historic monuments. Bamberg’s list of sights and places of interest is long – the old Town Hall with the Rottmeister House, Geyerswörth Castle, “Little Venice”, “Concordia” Water Castle, St Stephan’s Church and the Imperial Cathedral are just a few of them.

As Bamberg was largely spared during the bombings in the Second World War, the Old Town still presents itself today with its original three-part layout in the clerical hill town, the civic island town and the garden city areas. The Cathedral towers over the ensemble of historically listed city buildings with their mostly red clay tiled roofs. The city, which was named part of Unesco’s world heritage in 1993, boasts splendid architecture including buildings from the Mediaeval to Baroque periods. The old Imperial City was, like Rome, built on seven hills and is also widely known for its beer, especially the famous smoked beer.


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