Brick house over an old stone barn

The project is an overbuild of a new brick house on the original stone walls of an old barn situated in the park of a 17th century Venetian villa.

Before the restoration the villa was considered of low architectural value. That was mainly due to a previous overbuild from the 20th century, which had been constructed with concrete blocks set on top of the original stone walls. As a first step, these concrete blocks were stripped down to unveil the original section, which was topped up with a new extension built from exposed clay brick. In keeping with the regional tradition, the walls were whitewashed in order to give the whole building a uniform appearance, despite the two different materials remaining visible. Nonetheless, to lessen the contrast, the clay bricks were laid only as stretchers in a seemingly disordered way to form slight projections and recesses. This gives the wall a striking surface appearance thanks to the interplay of light and shadow.


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Patents June 2011

1. Paving/brick unit with integrated lighting system 2. Crusher mill 3. Slurry compostion 4. Building elements and building system using such elements 5. Refractory wall for a combustion furnace...