Exciting times, many changes

Dear readers,

We live in exciting times that have brought many changes, especially in the last two years, including here in this editorial office. After joining Bauverlag as editor in September 2020 to succeed Anett Hümmer, Anke Bracht and Sabine Anton as boss with Silvio Schade, I have now been allowed to be editor-in-chief of ZI since October 2021. As Editor-in-Chief, Silvio Schade has since been concentrating fully on “his” magazine brand, BFT International.

Even though it was only one year, I learned a lot from you as editor during this time, dear Silvio, not only professionally, but above all through your human approach as a leader. The good mixture of creativity and pragmatism, of determination and composure, with which we managed the transition, was certainly also formative. I hope I can carry on much of this in my everyday professional life and develop a personal style with which I am at least not a burden to my colleagues inside and outside Bauverlag.

Dear readers, you are now looking at the first magazine for which I am solely responsible, and at the same time the last of 2021. Together with you, I am looking forward to a year 2022 that will bring us back to normality, encounters, exchange, personal and professional development. At the moment, there is every indication that we will finally meet again next year at Ceramitec, Tecnargilla, the Würzburg Brick Course and other events.

With this pleasure, I wish you a wonderful Advent and Christmas season, as well as a good start to a successful year 2022, but above all good health.

Sincerely yours

Wolfgang Deil

Editor-in-Chief ZI Brick and Tile Industry International


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