New ECT Kema GmbH

Frank Händle hands over reins to Hans-Josef Berchtold

The founder of ECT GmbH, Frank Händle, has restructured his company for the future. With effect from 2 January 2014, Hans-Josef Berchtold, former Director at Creaton AG, has taken over the ECT subsidiary ECT KEMA GmbH in Görlitz as well as the operative business of ECT GmbH in Mühlacker as sole shareholder.

All orders placed with ECT GmbH up to the end of 2013 will be processed and delivered by ECT GmbH. The replacement parts warehouse of ECT GmbH will be relocated to ECT Kema GmbH in Görlitz and extended, all replacement parts have been processed there since January 2014. For a transitional period, the two companies ECT GmbH and ECT KEMA GmbH will work closely together.

ECT GmbH will continue to exist in Mühlacker and will be responsible for all completed orders. All ongoing projects will be further processed on a congenial basis in consultation with ECT Kema GmbH. Frank Händle will remain contact person for the customers. Over the next years he will support ECT Kema GmbH as a consultant and be involved especially with the further development of products, R&D projects and new solutions. Parallel to this, he will work as an independent consultant, naturally in close cooperation with ECT Kema GmbH.


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