Vladimir Grubacic

Monarch Group Moscow invests in brickworks

The Bedeschi Group has built a new production line for “OAO Gzhelsky Kirpichny Zavod”, a brickworks owned by the Monarch Group. It will be used to produce 60 mill. bricks per year. With a high degree of automation, the innovative production line can be used to produce facing bricks, hollow and solid bricks as well as large-sized porous clay blocks.

1 Introduction

The Monarch Group, operating in the Moscow region, is one of Russia’s largest construction firms. Specializing in massive monolithic construction, in just 17 years it has completed hundreds of residential and public building projects with a high level of aesthetic and technical quality. Because it owns companies that produce concrete, metal, bricks and cladding materials, the group is fully independent in terms of construction material sourcing.     Bricks in particular are produced by OAO Gzhelsky Kirpichny Zavod, a company located in the city of Gjel just a few kilometres from...

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