Industrias Chirino, Mendoza, Argentina

New earthquake-proof tunnel kiln for Industrias Chirino in Argentina

With the realization of an innovative project, the Chirino family has responded to the growing demand for building materials in Argentina. A formidable challenge was the location of the production facility in an earthquake-risk area at the foot of the Andes mountains, just below Mount Aconcagua (6 962 m above sea level). Marcheluzzo Impianti s.r.l., supplier of innovative and pioneering solutions for the engineering of kilns in earthquake-risk areas, was contracted with the realization of this project.

1 Introduction

The plant installed for Industrias Chirino, based in Mendoza, Argentina, has a production capacity of 500 t per day of hollow and ceiling blocks. Marcheluzzo Impianti, manufacturer of state-of-the-art plants for the clay brick and tile industry, has supplied the following machines and equipment.

2 Cutting line

The scope of supply includes the column cutter and the multi/mobile wire cutter with pneumatic device for wire tensioning. With this solution, very neat and precise cuts are possible with low wear on the wires. The new cutting line is installed in combination with new...

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