New functions integrated in the app

With the new upgraded version of its app for roofing professionals, Creaton wants to consolidate its digital pioneering role in the roofing trade, the company has announced. Besides a modern, upgraded design, the relaunch includes a new name: The app can in future be found in popular app stores under the name CREATONmobile. The mobile office for roofers offers access to the complete Creaton product assortment with all technical information and drawings. The embedding of the proven design and planning tools makes, as Creaton says, everyday work on the roof a good bit easier.


Customizable start page and solar components integrated

In addition to proven applications, new functions in the app offer a wider range of services starting from 2022. A customizable and clearly structured start screen makes it easy to get going with the app. A personal technical consultant can be selected based on postcode. The key app services are also available in offline mode – a plus point – when the mobile phone connection on the building site is not the best.

New in the app is Creaton’s Solarworld. All products like the roof-integrated and on-roof photovoltaic systems with all their additional components can be displayed on a smartphone at any time.

Many technical data are stored in the app, like, for example, an optimized table that specifies ridge-batten spacing and batten spacing to the ridge intersection, and displays all key technical data on the detailed ridge construction. The comfortable horizontal swiping function enables users to navigate in large tables while keeping an eye on the reference values at all times.


Fast and good advice

The app is also designed to offer fast contact routes. “Users can contact their personal consultant easily by email or telephone from every part of the app by clicking on a direct-contact button,” explains Project Manager Thomas Eletes from Creaton Digital Team. “Wind uplift and snow load safeguards can also be calculated on a smartphone. Roofing professionals can simply retrieve any information they need spontaneously on the construction site.”


All roofing tile colours shown realistically

Another completely new feature is that users can now view the roofing tiles in all standard colours shown in a roof surface display. This gives them a much more realistic view of the chosen product. Many other new functions will be rolled out in the course of the year in automatic app updates, says Creaton, Users can download the app in the Google and Apple app stores.


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