New generation of lift-through cutters

With a modular design of the lift-through cutter, Keller HCW has succeeded in meeting the increasing individual demands on quality and flexibility in the product portfolio of the brick industry, according to a company statement. The lift-through cutter is divided into the modules inlet into the cutter, lift-through and outlet from the cutter, which allow a customer-specific configuration.

For the infeed of the slugs into the cutter, the Keller engineers have developed a technology which makes it possible to push the slug onto a conveying belt without deforming the transport medium. The surface of the belt can be freely selected. In the infeed area, the slugs are positioned with millimetre precision and are precisely pushed into the cutting position. By chamfering in this position, cutting and chamfering are congruent.


Reproducible cutting pattern

The lift-through device is characterised by its extremely stable design. This, combined with precise movability, results in a perfect and reproducible cutting pattern. A specially equipped service position ensures a user-friendly exchange of format-dependent tools. A sophisticated tool management system completes the design.

Depending on the product size, transfer plates, lift-through bars and cutting harp with integrated pre-cutting roller set can be exchanged quickly and easily. A wire cleaning system is a standard feature of the new generation of lift-through cutters.

In order to react to varying clays with partly adhesive properties, the cutter can be equipped with driven pre-cutting rollers. A reproducible, product-dependent adjusting option of the pre-cutting rollers provides flexibility to the user‘s product portfolio.

A flexible tensioning element allows the material-dependent adjustment of the wire tension to optimise the service life of the cutting wires. At the outlet, the cutter is equipped with a lifting and lowering conveying belt in order to realise a variable configuration of the further transport of the cut bricks.


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