New storage capacities optimize stockholding

Following the extension of the office building in 2017, a new warehouse is currently being constructed on the site of SKM Witte Löhmer GmbH in Wetter an der Ruhr. The added storage capacity will optimize stockholding, enabling faster delivery of replacement parts. The production area in the existing facility has been enlarged and workflows further optimized. The construction of the new warehouse facility and the associated changes were originally scheduled for completion in 2020, but this had to be delayed for one year on account of the Corona pandemic, says a company press release.


Long tradition as a

SKM Witte Löhmer GmbH was established in 2003 following the merger of the companies SKM Spezialketten and the chain manufacturing business of the company Witte Löhmer GmbH. For over 90 years, Witte Löhmer GmbH has been producing chains, chain sprockets as well as box feeders and steel slat conveyors for the heavy clay industry. The merger of the companies has ensured that the know-how acquired over decades remains available for customers.

In 2016, the production of replacement parts for box feeders was taken over from the company Näscher SNV. Up until 2003, these had also been produced and supplied by Witte Löhmer GmbH. With this takeover, production went back under the old name, safeguarding the supply of replacement parts for original Witte Löhmer box feeders and other products under the old and well-known name. The company product range comprises complete belt mats and slat conveyors, rollers, pins, wheels, drives in various designs, including models from other plant suppliers. In addition, SKM supplies bushed conveyor chains in compliance with DIN 8165 and DIN 8167 standards, pintle chains in compliance with DIN 654 and special chains as per drawings as well as sprockets.


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