Smartlink 2.0: New release for the remote monitoring of compressed air equipment

Platform shows health status for compressors

In the Smartlink 2.0 release, Atlas Copco is making new functions available for all users of its remote monitoring system for compressed air equipment. The design of the graphic user interface is now clearer and more appealing having been adapted to user needs. The intuitively operated dashboard shows the most important information for all machines at a glance, warnings are highlighted in red. The responsive design enables the data to be retrieved via mobile devices such as smartphones.

Three configuration levels up to ISO 50001compliant audit report

Smartlink is available with three configuration levels. The basic configuration of Smartlink Service offers an overview of the operating hours of compressors, vacuum pumps or gas generators and the time remaining to the next scheduled service. With one mouse click, the user can display the corresponding machine with other relevant data on operation, such as load-idle ratio, temperatures and availability.

With the goal of maximizing the availability of the compressors, Smartlink Uptime, the second-level configuration, monitors the compressed air units and sends a warning by e-mail or SMS to the operator if any faults occur.

The third and highest configuration level, Smartlink Energy, comes with all tools to meet the requirements of an ISO 50001-compliant energy management system. All efficiency parameters can be monitored easily and continuously and shown clearly in trend charts. Moreover, Smartlink generates a finished report including all important data, which can be presented to the auditor in this form.

Optimizing the compressed air system based on data analysis

The latest feature of Smartlink 2.0 is at the same time the most valuable: the health index. It is based on the analysis of 40 sources of aggregated sensor data per machine. These are compared with data of thousands from Atlas Copco machines all over the world to compile a machine-specific health index. From this, optimization measures are derived and displayed. The health index is available in all Smartlink configuration levels.

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