Stephan Schmidt Group

The comprehensive range of products provided by the companies of Stephan Schmidt Group offers raw material solutions for all technical requirements of the ceramic industries, and professional special products for industrial mineral applications. The annual sales volume of more than 1.5 mill. t special clays is extracted from 20 company-owned mining sites in the Westerwald region and in Saxony. Six modern preparation and grinding facilities and nine homogenization plants ensure the continuous supply of the customers with standardized raw materials of high quality. Based on the present extraction level, the raw material reserves of Stephan Schmidt Group will last for more than 100 years and thus secure the long-term supply of the customers with constant-quality products.

Thanks to the sustainable specialization of the sales department of Stephan Schmidt Group in product groups, the customers are in direct contact with professional experts for all questions concerning raw materials. Their recommendations for body optimization are applied to regulate the desired characteristics of the customer’s products.

The sustainable and future-oriented corporate policy and the safeguarding of long-term availability of clays with constant qualities are of particular importance for the owner-managed Stephan Schmidt Group. An example confirming this consistent line of action is the 4.4 km factory road built by Stephan Schmidt KG in 2013. This large investment enabled the company to develop a new deposit, adjoining towns were noticeably relieved from heavy traffic, and CO2 emissions were considerably reduced owing to shortened transportation distances.

The company acts in a responsible way when extracting and preparing clays, thus securing the availability of special clays from the Westerwald region for the subsequent generations. All companies of Stephan Schmidt Group are DIN ISO 9001:2008 QM certified. In addition, the most important mining sites of Stephan Schmidt Group comply with EMAS III ecological standards.

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