The company celebrating its 20th anniversary next year

2022 will be a special year for ZSM Maschinen & Metallbau GmbH. Twenty years ago, the company was founded in Wernstein, Upper Austria. It started off by hiring a workshop for its production. Since then, it has systematically widened its product portfolio and steadily increased its workforce, having acquired a 10 000-m² plot of land in 2008, on which it has built its own modern production facility with an office building. Since 2009, ZSM has been manufacturing its product range exclusively at this site.


Manufacturing equipment for the clay brick and tile industry

The medium-sized mechanical engineering company, with 20 employees at present, manufactures and produces clay preparation equipment as well as the associated conveying equipment and box feeders, which are in increasing demand today.

For the processing and preparation of these materials, the manufactured mills and screens with the associated conveying and metering screws are used, if required, with dust-protected belt conveyors. ZSM plans and designs installations or manufacturing lines for the ceramics industry, for example chain or belt conveyors or reversing station for pallets, ZSM is currently manufacturing an automatic production installation for roller shutter boxes, the client is a well-known brick company in Bavaria, Germany.

The company manufactures various models of box feeders in different sizes with a capacity of up to 500 cubic metres and for all materials. Depending on the material, these are equipped with a specially fabricated slat conveyor or a rubber or textile belt. With regard to their length and width, the feeders are manufactured in accordance with customer specifications.


Fabrication of new wear parts

For material handling, ZSM manufactures different models of rubber belt conveyors, with flat belts, troughed belts or top-deck conveyors. We also build troughed chain conveyors, screws in all variations and slat conveyors. The company portfolio includes maintenance and repair of supplied parts or the fabrication of new wear parts. Relying on its inhouse manufacturing, ZSM can promise speedy rectification of any faults.

ZSM serves customers not only in Austria, but also in Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia or Switzerland.


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