Time to think about Christmas already?

Well, it may well be a little early for that. But we should all have already noted down the annual Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course in our diary.

From 3 to 5 December, the German-speaking brick- and tile-making community is meeting to share knowledge and experience in Würzburg, Germany. You know that places are limited, so best register soon.

The programme committee has put together some interesting topics centring on the production and application of clay bricks and roofing tiles. One focus will be brick firing. In respect of low energy consumption and the reduction of emissions, the industry is facing formidable challenges. It is not yet clear how the clay brick and roofing tile industry will meet the future requirements for CO2-free production. Developing and realizing approaches and solutions for this will be one of the most important tasks in the near future. In this connection, it is necessary that clay brick- and roofing tile-makers not only expect plant and equipment suppliers to come up with solutions, but actually get involved in the discussion and development of new concepts themselves. Würzburg provides a good platform for this. Let’s discuss more together rather than just listen.

December is too late to vote for the “Zi Best Service Supplier 2019” award – for this, you only have time up until 31 July. We are presenting the award for the second time, this year at the Würzburg Brick and Tile Training Course. All brick- and roofing tile-makers worldwide are called on to nominate their favourites, those companies that have given them the best service in 2018. These can be a plant supplier or machine engineer, a raw material or engobe producer, but even a consulting firm. Who has impressed you with their performance? Cast your vote at //www.zi-online.info/award" target="_blank" >www.zi-online.info/award:www.zi-online.info/award. I can’t wait to find out who will make the running this year.


Anett Fischer


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