Town Hall in Beverwijk

Like the nose of a sphinx, a projecting tower is the striking feature of Beverwijk Town Hall. As the central structure in the redevelopment of the town centre, the design by Jeanne Dekkers Architecture turns every head. Large windows stretching over three storeys indicate to the outside the harmonious combination of the citizen service offices and administration on the inside.

In the design of the façade, Dekkers drew on the clinker brick tradition of the Amsterdam School and breathed new life into it. Jeanne Dekkers has updated the style of Brick Expressionism with a vibrant contrast of two clinker brick grades in golden yellow and black shades. The golden yellow gives the building vitality. The gleaming bricks with their slate-like surface create a timeless elegance. Black clinker bricks contrast with the majestic golden yellow, lending depth and a haptic quality to the structure of the façade. The black façade surfaces are built partly with clinkers with a smooth finish, partly with grooved clinkers. This alternating surface finish and the contrast-rich interplay of colours create a tension that energizes the surface of the façade.


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