Romain de Laubier, Lucian Morariu, Martin Feth, Iman Karimi, Marius Wunder

Using advanced analytics for much more efficient
utilization of production and storage capacities

The use of advanced analytics is now common practice in many industries. Tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook have built their business model on intelligent algorithms to make smarter, faster, and unbiased decisions. In the construction materials sector, companies are now engaging with this, too. This report describes the fundamental steps for the successful implementation and benefits of these systems.

Enhanced with corresponding parameters, intelligent algorithms can now make accurate predictions. Companies from the construction, materials processing or building materials industries are also now using this intelligent technology to improve their market position [1].

The application of intelligent data analyses can create significant value – in this way, inventory can be reduced, for example, and the EBITDA uplifted. Many customers from the building materials industry are therefore engaging with advanced analytics. In this connection, they are all asking themselves the same critical question:...

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