Siemens Division Industry Automation

Low- to high-resolution shaft-driven speed sensor

The new shaft-driven speed sensor Sitrans WS300 of Siemens Industry Automation Division provides consistent and accurate results in industrial applications. The sensor can be combined with a Milltronics BW100 or BW500 integrator or Siwarex FTC PLC module, and a Milltronics belt scale. With four resolutions 32, 256, 1000 and 2000 pulses per revolution offered, the new sensor can accurately monitor from low- to high-speed applications. At only 1.22 kilogram (2.68 lbs) weight, Sitrans WS300 is one of the lightest sensors for monitoring conveyor belt speed in the market. Its low weight prolongs bearing life, reducing the overall cost of ownership. With its rugged, cast aluminium housing, the new sensor is suitable for heavy industries as well as for outdoor installation. Sitrans WS300 is also available in stainless steel for harsh and food processing applications. With hazardous dust approvals, IP65 and Nema 4X, the new sensor is suited to virtually any industry – from mineral processing and cement industry up to food and chemical applications.

Sitrans WS300 can be directly coupled to a rotating tail or bend pulley shaft ensuring accurate belt-travel readout, eliminating problems caused by belt slippage or material build-up. The new sensor monitors belt speed and can be used as an input to an integrator, which calculates flow rate, totalized weight, belt loading and belt speed. Sitrans WS300 can be combined with a Milltronics BW100 or BW500 integrator or Siwarex FTC PLC module, and a Milltronics belt scale for a complete weighing system.


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