Sabo S.A. realized 16 new projects in the years 2009-2010

Defying the global crisis, which has caused many companies to halt production either temporarily or completely, the Greek company Sabo S.A. expanded its activities in the years 2009/2010 and undertook 16 new projects in the clay brick and tile industry. Particularly in the growing markets of Algeria, Libya and Tunisia, but in its traditional sales markets of Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Slovakia too, the company was able to gain market shares. The following projects were realized:



› CGB-Gafca-El Zahra, Carthago: complete plant, 700 t/day: cutter, dryer loading and unloading systems, kiln setting and unloading equipment, kiln automation and kiln equipment
› Ideal Brick, line 1: 800 t, new rapid dryer, cutter, dryer loading/unloading systems and kiln setting and unloading equipment
› Ideal Brick, line 2: 800 t, new rapid dryer, cutter, dryer loading/unloading systems and kiln setting and unloading equipment



› Sarl Briqueterie Amouri: complete plant 840 t/day
› Sobris: 500 t/day, unloading equipment
› BMSD 1: 350 t kiln setting and unloading equipment
› BMSD 2: 15 000 roofing tiles/day
› Trust Industries, brick: complete plant 450 t/day with rapid dryer
› Trust Industries, tile: complete plant 50 000 units/day
› Sahra: complete plant, 800 t/day



› 11. Al Nuebat, Company: complete plant with rapid dryer, 400 t/day
› Sarah Company: complete installation with rapid ­dryer, 400 t/day
› Africa Company: complete installation with rapid ­dryer, 400 t/day



› Kakogiannis: 12 500 units/hour: electronic cutter, wet side with setting machine with robot technology


Czech Republic

› Hodonin: 500 t/day, loading/unloading of dryer, kiln unloading and packaging line, grinding line, automatic kiln car cleaning


› Pezinske Tehelna: dryer and kiln equipment, automatic control of the kiln cars

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