De Boer Machines Nederland at Ceramitec

Machinefabriek De Boer and Machinefabriek Daanen joined forces in 2010. The new company “De Boer Machines ­Nederland” is pleased to invite all customers to its stand.

De Boer Machines Nederland offers sustainable engineering solutions to the clay brick and tile industry worldwide for clay preparation, green brick production lines, sand and clay transport systems, complete dust and sand extraction equipment along with its widely proven waste water recycling systems. These systems are designed to have a positive impact on the environment, as they remove residues from production waste water and recycle it back into the production process.

As a major shareholder in the Danish company Petersen, De Boer Machines Nederland will also display the Petersen product range, including its waterstruck brick presses. In 2011 De Boer developed a special “De Boer-Petersen Waterstruck Press”, which is a combination of the famous De Boer mould chain and the field-proven Petersen filling system.

In 2010, De Boer Damle PVT. LTD. was founded. This new company  manufactures soft mud machinery specifically for the Indian market and offers all services normally expected from De Boer, including machine installation, commissioning, training and testing.

This year De Boer will share the stand with Stafier, a producer of drying boards.

Hall B5, Stand 406/408

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