De Boer Machines Netherlands BV takes over activities of GSP Pannerden

De Boer Group has acquired the intellectual property rights of GSP/Machinefabriek De Oude Rijn Pannerden BV.

    Through the acquisition of all drawings, detail drawings, patents and other engineering data, De Boer now possesses the full GSP product range and is therefore in a position to adequately service and support all equipment and systems installed by GSP. GSP built its reputation around the following products:

› automatic kiln car cleaning systems for brick and tile factories

› handling systems for so-called Hulo-type brick packs

› various other automated, application-tailored handling systems for the heavy clay and paper/paperboard industry

De Boer Group considers these activities a welcome addition to its own range of endeavour and intends to continue doing their utmost to assist existing customers and prospects in the best possible way.

Martijn Verster, who joined the management of De Boer Machines a year ago, was with GSP for the previous 16 years.

Building on that basis, De Boer plans to further develop GSP’s products for additional applications and to provide all the appropriate technical solutions - both for new installations and for the overhauling of existing systems.


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