De Boer Machines supplies two kiln car cleaners to the United Kingdom

Earlier this year, De Boer Machines Nederland BV installed a dedicated kiln car cleaner at Carlton Brick in Grimethorpe, Barnsley in the UK.

Since De Boer took over the activities of GSP from Pannerden, Netherlands, De Boer has been successful in marketing, engineering and supplying GSP’s well-known product range of Automatic Kiln Car Cleaners. The machine at Carlton Brick cleans the top of the viaduct blocks, subsequently lifts and re-aligns these and cleans the bare kiln car deck underneath (»1).

The lifetime of Carlton’s new kiln car fleet will be extended considerably, as the ingress of debris into the kiln car decks and thus the “growth” of the kiln cars are prevented. The proper alignment of the viaduct blocks will enhance the efficiency of the de-hacker too.

Currently under construction is a new kiln car cleaner for Hanson Building Products brickworks in Measham, UK, to replace an existing one, for enhanced performance. This machine will be installed in October this year. It also comprises two heavy-duty pushers, which re-align the heavy deck blocks underneath the viaduct blocks (»2).


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