Erik Kjær – 40 years at the Danish Technological Institute

In March 2012, Erik Kjær celebrated his 40th anniversary at the Danish Technological Institute, Masonry and Building Components.

Born on 19 May 1947, he completed his studies at The Engineering Academy of Denmark in 1972, graduating with a B.Sc. in structural engineering. He then began his professional career at the Danish Brick and Lime Laboratory, which was renamed DTI, Institute of Building Technology in 1991. At DTI Erik Kjær held several positions from Head of the Masonry Centre, through Head of Building Components to his current function as Chief Consultant.

Erik Kjær is acknowledged all over Europe as a specialist in the production and testing of masonry products and masonry, the construction and application of masonry, masonry technologies as well as national and international standardization.

He is a member of the Society of Danish Engineers and the International ­Masonry Society. Kjær was and is very active in various committees and working groups, also on European level, and in the TBE, the European Brick and Tile Federation.


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