RTE Akustik + Prüftechnik GmbH: Acoustic testing for strength verification

RTE Akustik + Prüftechnik is showcasing their new SonicTC component tester at work. This testing technology enables decentralized T + E coupled with centralized evaluation for the serial production environment.

Prior to each use, reusable ceramic crucibles and backing plates have to be checked for good condition and the ability to withstand mechanical and thermal in-kiln stress levels. Acoustic material testing (“sound testing”) does that objectively and automatically, thereby ensuring that a cracked crucible or backing plate is not used again. Through pulsed excitation at several different points, SonicTC generates a comprehensive strength profile of the test object. Any change in an object‘s resonant frequency must be attributable to changes within. Thus, by comparing fresh data with previous test results, SonicTC calculates a forecast of when components have to be retired from service before they become unable to withstand the imposed loads.

Hall B5, Stand 525


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