Successful symposium held by Keller HCW in Novosibirsk

During Keramtex, Keller HCW was an exclusive co-host of the workshop “Innovative technologies for brick factories with medium and low output” held at the exhibition centre “Novosibirsk Expozenter”. About 50 specialists form the ­Siberian ceramic industry and related institutes and universities accepted the invitation to participate in the symposium with its very specific presentations and lectures.

In addition to the ­Keramtex symposium, a tour of the modern Siberian brickworks Meson-L “Kirpitsichny zavod Likolor” was a key attraction for the participants. During their tour, many of them praised the extraordinary safe and stable operation of the complete technological production line with its very high level of automation. They also expressed their great admiration for the fact that all machinery, robots, installations and equipment had been exclusively designed in Germany and then installed in the factory.

In the course of Keramtex, a visit to the Sibbuld 2012 trade fair was also arranged.Noticeable here was the great demand for high-quality ceramic facing bricks with a textured or sanded surface and for bricks with “flashed” colour effects.

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