Lingl modernizes Monier plants in Petershagen and Pryzsucha

The Monier Group commissioned Lingl with modernization measures in its plants at Petershagen, Germany and Pryzsucha, Poland.

In the Monier Braas plant at Pryzsucha the machines of the unloading and loading systems for dryer cars and drying supports are interlinked so that stops in the plant inevitably lead to interruptions in production. Restricted space conditions have so far not allowed the installation of storage for drying supports in order to minimize production losses. Nevertheless, Lingl found a solution for retrofitting buffers for drying supports before and after the roofing tile press and has been commissioned by Monier to realize this project. Since 2012 the plant benefits from the implemented optimization measures.

The initial design of the Monier Braas plant at ­Petershagen was foresighted enough to provide for a later increase in production. Over the past years a small quantity of roof tiles has been dried in an existing Lingl continuous dryer (designed for drying split tiles) and fired in a big tunnel kiln for accessory roofing tiles. Now Lingl has been commissioned by Monier to erect a new efficient continuous dryer with all required loading and unloading installations as well as conveying systems. Moreover, there are plans to reorganize the press sector and Lingl has been charged with the rearrangement of the plant, the supply of additional equipment like conveyors and a bat feeding unit as well as with the installation of a new control system for the complete sector. The scope of supply not only includes the roofing tile conveying equipment in the dryer zone with special supporting trays but also a new loading installation for H‑setters with robot.

The way the project will be realized will ensure production can be continued on the existing line and that the measures will be completed by the end of 2012.



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