Energy-Saving Measures and Modifications to the Electric Control System of Existing Kiln and Dryer Installations

The thermal processes in kilns and dryers are essential factors in the operation of a production plant. In the manufacture of ceramics, the product quality as well as energy consumption are strongly dependent on the design of the process systems. The considerate management of resources, sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions are significant features resulting in lowered and optimized cost of operation on the one hand and, at the same time, in a contribution to environmental protection.

1 Introduction

Being the biggest family-owned brick manufacturer in Europe, Vandersanden has specialized in the production of facing bricks and pavers. All in all, the company  produces approx. 70 mill. pavement blocks and approx. 310 mill. facing bricks per year, merchandising these products throughout the world.

Rising energy costs and a plant being no longer state of the art induced Vandersanden to opt for the modernization of two plants and to realize these projects with Lingl, the German supplier of machinery and plants for the ceramic industry.

With the activation of the kilns and dryers in...

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