Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Strohmenger

New kiln and drying plant for Wolfshöher Tonwerke

Wishing to install a new firing and drying line, Franconian fireclay refractory and chimney pipe producer Wolfs-höher Tonwerke decided in favour of KWS Strohmenger‘s technology for optimal quality at minimal cost.

1 Introduction

With a company history extending back more than 150 years, Wolfshöher Tonwerke is one of Germany‘s oldest producers of fireclay refractories. Now in its 6th generation as a family-run enterprise, the company turns out high-quality fireclay products and chimney pipes for sale in Germany and across Europe.

In the past, their chimney pipes were fired in a pair of shuttle kilns fed out of chamber dryers. In order to improve the efficiency of production while sustainably ensuring the plant‘s present capacity, the company decided to expand the chimney pipe plant with an additional...

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