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A new brick factory for ZAO “Pawlowskaja Keramika”

ZAO “Pawlowskaja Keramika”, Pawlowski Posad (Russia)

In April 2008 Keller HCW handed over a newly constructed brick factory to the owners of the company ZAO “Pawlowskaja Keramika” in Pawlowski Posad. The modern new building replaces the factory which was originally located on this site.

1 Introduction
Pawlowski Posad, a town with approx. 65 000 inhabitants, is located about 70 km east of Moscow. The town, which was already mentioned in the 14th century, is mainly shaped by the textile industry. Furthermore, agriculture, a food company, some smaller businesses as well as the brick plant are the economic factors of this town.
2 Brick plant
Traditionally, bricks have been fired in Pawlowski Posad for more than 100 years. The clay is conveyed from the company-owned pit and then prepared in the factory.
For the new construction, the installations of the old brick plant were...

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